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2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Elaine Stipp

2023 Saluting Educator (Classified): Elaine Stipp

Elaine Stipp | Clerk Typist II

Box Springs Elementary School

Box Springs Elementary School congratulates Elaine Stipp as its Classified Employee of
the Year. Elaine is not only an exemplary MVUSD employee, but has also supported and
served the district as a parent and community member for over two decades. Elaine
combines professionalism and expertise to deliver outstanding customer service for
the entire school community. Whether it is a teacher, parent, or student walking into
the office with a question and/or needing help, Elaine is always able to assist them. Box
Springs is sometimes referred to as the “jewel on the hill”. In that case, Elaine is one of its
most beloved and valuable treasures. Congratulations, Elaine!

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