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Box Springs Elementary School

Principal's Message

11900 Athens Dr.
Moreno Valley, CA 92557
951 571-4530
Mr. Gregory White, Principal
Be Respectful     Be Responsible     Be Safe     Be Kind

August 2019


Dear Bruin Families,


Welcome to the 2019-20 school year where our theme will be, “It’s OK to learn from failing, It’s NOT OK NOT to try.” Everyone at Box Springs Elementary is excited to start this year and hit the ground running with new lessons to teach and experiences to share with our kids. Most importantly, our teachers and staff are ready to “jump in” and continue to build on those engaging lessons and events from the past.


All employees are eager to collaborate with you so that we can create a remarkable learning and social experience for your child(ren). In order to do that, we ask you to agree to the following three (4) commitments:


  1. Commit to have your child(ren) attend school each day on time.
  2. Commit to check all homework and/or assignments.
  3. Commit to building a positive rapport with The Box, especially with teachers, where we can exchange information that will benefit your child(ren).
  4. Commit to volunteer in ANY manner that works for your schedule. Teachers and our parent groups will share ways you can help create a “better” Box Springs.


I am VERY confident your child will enjoy and have a very positive and meaningful global experience at “The Box.” He/she will become a “Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe, Be Kind” citizen and have a positive influence on our world by incorporating “It’s OK to learn from failing. It’s NOT OK NOT to try.”


I invite you to take advantage of our free THINK Together! after school program. It is an excellent supplemental resource. Do not forget, enrollment is on a first come basis. We will continue to have offer free breakfast and lunch for all students.  Please please please complete and return a lunch application that was mailed earlier. You can find the application online on our district’s website ( Each family must submit a 2019-20 application.


You have an open invitation to meet with me throughout the year to discuss your thoughts.  I welcome all of your comments, ideas, praises and suggestions for making our school the best worldwide. Should you have any questions, please contact via telephone and/or email. Also, for your convenience our office is open from 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM.

Remember, instruction begins PROMPTLY at 8 A.M. and every minute counts.

Looking forward to working with you,




Gregory White