Support Staff
Our support staff make learning and excellence possible at Box Springs Elementary.  They are so important to our teachers and students.

Cafeteria:  Susan Biggs, manager
Regina Mendoza
Bianca Morales
Clerk: Elaine Stipp
Ada Hunt
Counselor: Tawni Flot
Health Tech: Carol Posey
Instructional Aides: Desiree Ambriz
Angie Astorga
Norma Barajas
Anna Brown
Connie Brunke
Elmer Fulache
Cindy Gutierrez
Samuel Justice
Anthony Mejia
Librarian: Holly Andren
Noon Duties:  Cindy Ammons
Michelle Dischner
Joann Morales
Taryn Soto
Crystal Valtierra
Nurse: Lisa Van Meter
Parent Ambassador: Zina Alkhamaisi
Professional Development Specialist: Rebecca Buckhoff
Psychologist: Dora Conrad
Secretary: Becky Sibley
Speech Pathologist: Anabel Olivares
VAPA Teachers: Lindsey Squirre, PE
Paul Sexauer, Music
April James, Art